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The Source

February 28, 2006

On February 23, 2006 a source that helps to manage the internal and external email of the Los Angeles Lakers came across an interesting series of notes that were sent from coach Jackson and to coach Jackson. This source is a friend who mentioned the finding and after days of convincing we got him to agree to forward these notes to us. We told him we didn’t believe him and that he was a pathetic liar, nothing more than an IT department errand boy. We were very skeptical of course even when we received the first few notes.  These notes were interesting, because although Phil is a witty and very intellectual guy, the words seemed a bit too comical in some instances. Do these notes represent a different side of Phil? Or is it possible the ups and downs of the current season have fried the mind of the “Zen Master”? Hell, we don’t know but the stuff is so weird that we just have to share it.

For obvious reasons this source must remain guarded. If this source knew we were not just reading these notes but posting them to the public also, he wouldn’t be our friend anymore and his mom makes mean desserts so…

We started to name the blog Absolutely Zenful but that sounded way too “Brokeback”. Anyway we’ll get the – from coach Jackson to coach Jackson notes – and post them when we have time. If these notes are real then you know a new book can’t be very far away.